About Us

My name is Barry Digby owner of Aspect Roofing. I have been roofing for 37 years. Aspect Roofing has been serving Durham and the GTA for over 18 years.  Most of my employees have been with me for over 14 years and have been roofing for many years more, we have highly skilled and experienced employees.  We are based in Uxbridge, Ont.

We carry 2 million in liability insurance and are WSIB compliant.

At Aspect Roofing we believe that Quality is important and we put it into every installation.

Sometimes Quality means additional cost due to extra materials being installed or better materials . Most of the time, Quality comes from workmanship and the small things that don't really incur any extra cost. Just a little extra work or adding a little more where needed at no cost.

That why we carry lots of extra stuff in our trucks so when something is needed we have it on site, no waiting for a delivery or just skipping it like most.

We show up prepared. We install roofs that last. We Guarantee it.

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